Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cellular Monitoring for Vehicles

By David Kreller of Acme Truck & Auto, Inc.

One of the more recent technology innovations for the automotive sector is cellular vehicle monitoring. This service utilizes a wireless devise that is plugged into the OBD II port of a personal or business vehicle that allows for physical tracking, vehicle health monitoring, and for properly equipped vehicles can remotely lock/unlock the doors and start the engine.

Installation is easy and monitoring can be accomplished via any web connected devise including most smart phones. Based on current offerings, there is typically a small fee for the devise and a monthly monitoring fee.

Reviewing the U.S. Cellular product which is supported through Delphi Connect option (insert web link) shows there are many services that can be utilized with the service. Notification by email or text can be enabled for the following services:
  • Mechanical health of vehicle monitoring
  • Excessive speed notification
  • Leaving a ‘virtual fence’ area

Additionally the service can be used for:
  • Remote lock/unlock of properly equipped vehicles
  • Mapping of current location of vehicle
  • Tracking of travel times and distances

This is a product that would be well suited to assist parents monitoring their teenage children’s driving, employers routing service calls for dispatch vehicles, caretakers of senior citizens that drive, or anyone wanting to manage their vehicles.

According to Carrie Drummond of U.S. Cellular, some of her favorite features include the ability to locate where you park your car when traveling in an unfamiliar city, and, if needed, to assist police in locating a vehicle if it is ever stolen.

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